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About us

It is an often occurrence that after buying a certain product we must throw away a rather large package and the instructions which come with it. We, the creators of FantasyHome, are certain that it is wrong to put so much effort into creating a large and expensive package for it to be thrown away after purchase. We think that more effort should be spent on creating a high quality and functional product. Also, the packaging should be simple and compact, so that its task would be to protect the product itself. Compact packaging not only allows us to create high-quality products for a reasonable price, but to also decrease environmental impact. Our slogan – Make it right – means our pursuit of brining the most value to the customer with minimal impact on the environment.

Legal information

We, the company “MB Svajokliu namai” are an official organisation registered in Lithuania – a country of the European Union. We work following the laws of Lithuania and the EU. Our goal is to provide clients with quality products and have as little impact on the environment as possible.