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FantasyHome 3D pen
It is freedom of the imagination!
Draw with your material of
choice - PLA or ABS
FantasyHome designed 3D pen delivers excellent performance while you draw. Precise temperature control and steeples drawing speed adjustment allows to create art exactly as it was imagined.
Choose a color
and create!

Lightweight USB-powered FantasyHome 3D pens allows you to create art where it is more convenient for you – at home or outside.

Friendly to the environment

FantasyHome cares about the environment, that is why we provide 3D pens with FantasyHome PLA filament based on corn without using oil. Disposable plastic packing (used for 3D pen and consumables) is usually thrown out right after purchase. For that reason, we decided not to use plastic packaging to protect our planet.

FantasyHome 3D pen
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